Taxi Drivers in Marseille Plan Strike and Protest


Taxi Drivers in Marseille Plan Strike and Protest

Taxi drivers in Marseille are preparing for a strike and protest on September 23rd. The drivers’ union is strongly opposing the recently announced plans to impose a cap on taxi fares from the airport and three other key locations, effective from January 2024.

The timing of the protest is notable, as it coincides with the visit of Pope Francis to Marseille. The Pope is scheduled to hold a mass in the Velodrome Stadium at 16:45, and the taxi drivers’ union has purposely chosen this time to stage their demonstration.

Authorities have been alerted to the planned protest, and they are warning citizens about potential disruptions. According to local officials, the taxi drivers will organize a go-slow convoy from Marseille-Provence airport (MRS) to the city center, causing possible traffic congestion along the way.

It is expected that taxi drivers from Aix-en-Provence will also participate in the protest, which could result in more than 1,000 taxis taking part in the action. Due to the demonstration, access to private hire vehicles will be limited, and it is anticipated that traffic will be heavily affected throughout Marseille.

To minimize disruptions, authorities are likely to deploy an increased number of police officers during the protest. Additionally, it is predicted that there will be a surge in demand for public transportation, as individuals seek alternative means of travel.

Travelers should be prepared for potential delays and consider alternative forms of transport as a precaution. It is advisable to follow instructions and guidance from authorities to ensure a safe and smooth journey during this time of protest.


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