South Africa 18-3 Scotland: Rugby World Cup 2023 – as it happened | Rugby World Cup


South Africa 18-3 Scotland: Rugby World Cup 2023 – as it happened | Rugby World Cup

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Daniel Gallan

Daniel Gallan

And with that I’ll sign off. Thanks to everyone for writing in. Hope you enjoyed that. See you soon.

Here’s Robert Kitson’s report from a steamy Marseille. He’s singled out Pieter-Steph du Toit who was my player of the match. The Boks flanker hunted down anyone in blue for 80 minutes. An insane work rate.

Scotland lost six of their own line-outs. It’s hard enough getting the victory against any side with that stat. It’s almost impossible when you’re playing the Springboks. Back the drawing board for Gregor Townsend and his staff.

Now it’s time for the player of the match, Manie Libbok:

“I just want to thank my forwards for giving me the platform. I saw the space and knew what I wanted to do,” he says rather modestly.

“I’m so honoured to be able to represent my country. I’ll take confidence from this and move on.”

Here’s Jamie Ritchie:

I’ve got to give credit to South Africa. We couldn’t execute under pressure.

I’m really proud how we fronted up physically. We really took it to them physically. There is loads to play for. We’ve got a bye next week so plenty of time to dust ourselves off. It’s one set back but plenty to play for.

“Go Bok, go proud of you guys,you make us proud, rainbow nation, unity is key”

That uplifting message, from a South African point of view at least, is from Butini Zitha.

Full-time: South Africa 18-3 Scotland

Willemse kicks it out and in the end that was pretty comfortable for the defending champions. Scotland landed a few blows in the first half but only three points. In the second half it was effectively one way traffic. At line-out and in the scrum the Boks pack monstered their Scottish counterparts and with relentless carries they scored they created the space to score two tries. South Africa weren’t at their best, but they didn’t need to be. They’re up and running. Scotland with plenty of work to do.

80th min: Scotland’s last chance to score but they transgress at the line-out. What a waste. It was a great touch finder by Russell but they give away a free kick. And that will be that.

79th min: Scotland get a penalty in the scrum before the ball is fed into the morass. They tap and go left. They’re held up so come back right. Russell floats a ball over the top for Ritchie. The ball is lost but there is a penalty advantage for an infringement on the ground as they try to slow it down.

77th min: A messy line-out ends with Williams – on for De Klerk – cantering up field. The game is breaking apart. He beats one then another but is hauled down by an ankle tap by Russell. That saved a try for sure. Williams has no support so the ball is turned over and Scotland launch a counter of their own. It’s fumbled as bodies fly everywhere. SA with the scrum.

76th min: Scotland have a chance. A quick turnover after South Africa go down the blindside following the scrum ends with Price kicking a grubber up ahead. Kinghorn is charging after it but it bounces out.

75th min: SA have a goal line clearance after a Scottish kick goes long. So Scotland charge it back up field. They’re still knocking on the door but the Boks defence has been immense. Jones fumbles in midfield so South Africa have a scrum on the 10m line. A few fans are starting to leave.

75th min: South Africa turn them. Vermeulen sends it wide. Kolbe has it and makes a blistering run. He’s made 30m. He can;t quite get to the corner. De Klerk has it to keep it alive. De Allende feeds Mostet. A dink over the top is caught by Van der Merwe. Scotland survive. Perhaps Kolbe could have passed but he was moving so fast it was hard to keep up with him.

73rd min: Better scrum for Scotland. Kinghorn can attack on the front foot. Gray has it but the speed of the South African defence means everything is rushed in the Scottish line. Russell is almost swallowed by Du Toit. Scotland kick and Le Roux gathers and punts it out.

71st min: This time the Scottish line-out works. It’s worked all the way to Van der Merwe. He’s wrapped up by Arendse who stands strong against the much bigger winger. Russell is hit and Du Toit makes the steal. De Allende carries really well. He’s been hammering the line all day. The ball is spilled and Scotland get the scrum feed.

70th min: Scotland don’t challenge the line-out. They attack with Vermeulen carrying but Scotland turn him over. Great work on the ground. Smith kicks long. A little too long. Willemse peddles back and gathers well. He then hoofs it over the half-way line.

69th min: Libbok kicks into touch and is then replaced by Le Roux. Willemse will go to fly-half.

69th min: Scrum penalty for South Africa. The Bomb Squad has obliterated Scotland’s replacement front row.

68th min: Scotland’s line-out – once again – is a disaster. South Africa defend it well but the ball is loose at the back and Du Toit comes away with it. South Africa knock-on on the counter. Scotland have an attacking scrum on the 22 in front of the poles.

66th min: Scotland do nothing with their line-out. South Africa have it back after a nothing kick. They look to move it down the line but Scotland intercept. Both teams looking a little scrappy and slow. Russell moves it to Nel who goes to ground. White to Russell. Van der Merwe can’t get past Arendse. Matt Fagerson carries. South Africa go in search of a steal but they’re penalised. Nyakane offside. Scotland will kick to the corner.

65th min: South Africa with the line-out. Du Toit has it under pressure. They set the maul and it rumbles up field. Scotland defend well and the ball pops out. Arendse quickly cleans it and attempts a little grubber and chase. Instead Scotland have the line-put as Arendse’s foot was out.

63rd min: Scotland think they’ve scored! But Gardner calls them back. From the line-out, thanks to a 50-22 from Russell. They didn’t take it from the right spot so go again. Dempsey round the back. Nel charges. Graham can’t wriggel free. South Africa defend resolutely. They’re shunting them backwards. All the way to the 22. South Afroca’s quick defence keeps knocking them backwards. Penalty for South Africa. Scotland had a line-out but it ends with Kolisi coming up with the steal.

60th min: South Africa with quick ball off the line-out. Willemse joins the line and keeps it moving. De Allende misses his pass on the loop. It goes loose. South Africa just about get away with it. Graham hacks it upfield.

60th min: A few changes as the players take a drinks break. Gilchrist is off for Cummings and Vermuelen replaces Wiese.

59th min: Faf can’t curl it round and Scotland clear with a kick. South Africa with it inside Scottish territory. Their meaty men are bashing it up. Willemse at first receiver carries himself. Libbok now back inside for a carrier off his shoulder. De Allende finds Kolisi in some space on the left. De Klerk kicks – poorly – and Kinghorn can gather the grubber and hoof it as far as he can. South Africa will have the feed between the 22 and half-way line.

58th min: Another penalty at the scrum for South Africa. Two in a row. Scotland have a new front row themselves but they can’t stop the Bomb Squad. Nyakane comes up roaring. De Klerk points to the sticks.

57th min: Du Toit brings down the line-out but it’s South Africa who cough up a great opportunity to launch an attack. Marx, who is back on with a bloody bandage on his head, knocks on in the tackle. Now Marx is subbed. He’s been on and off the bench all day.

55th min: Penalty for South Africa. The brand new front row come on and immediately spin the Scottish pack around. What a missed opportunity for Scotland. This feels like momentum has truly turned. The Boks are fully in control now.

53rd min: Scotland’s line-out isn’t clean but they’ll have a scrum about 15 metres out after South Africa’s loosies on the prowl knock the ball on.

52nd min: South Africa secure the restart and kick it towards half way. The ball is spilled but backwards so Scotland still have it. They get a penalty after Mbonambi doesn’t roll away and Russell kicks to the corner, but can’t quite get it five metres out. The Bomb Squad is out now. South Africa with a new front row.

TRY! South Africa 18-3 Scotland (Arendse, 49)

What a try! That’s brilliant work from Libbok and Arendse. After turning Scotland over, the heavies bashed it up field. Libbok got it and looked up to see Arendse in space out to the right. A cross field kick couldn’t have been placed better and Arendse gathers it without breaking stride and gets over in the corner.

This time De Klerk and his left boot steps up to convert and he adds the extra two points.

Kurt-Lee Arendse of South Africa scores his team's second try.
Kurt-Lee Arendse of South Africa scores his team’s second try. Photograph: Michael Steele/World Rugby/Getty Images

48th min: South Africa clear from the restart 10 metres inside their own half. Scotland’s throw looked skew from here but they still have it. Dempsey has it and pops it back against the grain. Ricthie can’t wriggle free. Van der Merwe has to act as scrumhalf. Ruseel plays a cute pass to Gray. But South Africa shove them backwards and turn them over.

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