Jack Jenkins suffers elbow dislocation at UFC 293


Jack Jenkins suffers elbow dislocation at UFC 293

Jack Jenkins has broken his arm after landing on it after a takedown in his fight at UFC 293.

Jenkins appeared to have hyper extended his right arm after landed on it after a tripping takedown from his opponent Chepe Mariscal.

Jenkins pushed the action on Mariscal in the first round, lighting his opponent up with kicks to the leg and body. Mariscal looked to close the distance in the second round, pushing Jenkins against the cage and attacking takedowns. As Mariscal landed a trip, Jenkins posted his right arm out as he fell and dislocated his elbow, where the ref stepped in and stopped the fight.

The fight was declared a submission victory for Mariscal.

This is Jenkins first loss in the UFC, and only his third in his career.

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